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  • Sensory Processing: How Does Your Child Respond?

    Sensory Processing: How Does Your Child Respond?

    As we navigate the world, we all use our senses to receive input from our surroundings, let our brains process, and then tell us how to react. Generally, we respond with minimal disruption to our routine. However, processing sensory stimuli can be a challenge for some people, either because there is too much or not enough. This can be difficult for children since many experiences are still new, and they haven’t yet developed coping skills and emotional regulation to respond appropriately. Educating ourselves on the variations of how Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)can present in our children will help us assist them in learning how to manage the way they respond. Sensory ....

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  • How Motor Skills Affect Learning

    How Motor Skills Affect Learning

    Most are aware of the benefits of physical activity for people of all ages… a stronger cardiovascular system, improved muscle tone, weight management, motor coordination, etc. Additionally, there are brain-boosting benefits that help children with brain function and learning, leading to better school performance. Unfortunately, however, many adults aren’t knowledgeable about the significance of underdeveloped motor skills, especially balance and coordination, on the learning process. Therefore, children engaging in activities that boost these skills lead to more learning success. Although balance and coordination don’t seem like they would directly impact learning, they ....

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  • The Secret to Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

    The Secret to Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

    Over the last year, sports programs have had shortened seasons, if any at all. Because of that, training time for athletes of all ages has dropped significantly. Now, with sports returning to a more normal duration, young athletes are working hard to regain lost skills and recondition their bodies. The problem, however, is that lengthy breaks increase the risk of injury upon returning to training. In addition, when athletes specialize in a sport, they generally only train muscles for that sport. To be truly at the top of their game, young athletes should engage in training that develops all muscle groups through a system designed to meet their athletic and developmental needs. When ....

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  • Celebrating Each Child's Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child's Uniqueness

    Parents everywhere want their children to achieve success. This is usually defined by fulfilling societal norms, whether in terms of grades, athletic abilities, or something else. And the push to accomplish these things first is putting pressure on children and parents as well. Comparisons are fueling the expectation for children to develop at a specific rate and master skills at a certain time. Unfortunately, this is causing stress and decreasing children's self-esteem. Instead, we should celebrate each child's uniqueness and nurture their individuality by allowing them time to grow into the best version of themselves. What often gets forgotten is that every child is different. ....

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  • Rebuilding Social Skills During the Summer

    Rebuilding Social Skills During the Summer

    There’s no doubt that children’s social skills have become rusty over the past year and not progressed as they should have. With more limited interactions than usual, children have experienced adverse effects on their social development. And while many children have had the opportunity to engage in some school setting and/or activity, there were still restrictions on what type of interactions they could have. Now, as reopening efforts continue, it’s imperative we use the summer to help children regain lost social skills and build new ones. This will give them more social confidence when returning to school in the fall. With all the changes to our lives in the last 12 ....

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  • Rebuilding Emotional Skills During the Summer

    Rebuilding Emotional Skills During the Summer

    Over the past year, children have faced many disturbances in their daily lives and interactions. These things have contributed to a lot of emotional imbalance and brought on or exacerbated feelings of sadness, fear, and anxiety. Since children are still developing abilities to regulate their strong and ever-changing emotions, they need assistance in strengthening these skills. Providing parents with resources to support their children is crucial. In addition, getting children involved in environments that support their emotional development will help fill the void and rebuild more positive feelings. The effects of isolation from family and friends have taken an emotional toll on ....

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  • Rebuilding Intellectual Skills During the Summer

    Rebuilding Intellectual Skills During the Summer

    Summer break is typically viewed as a time for relaxation, fun, and no schedules. However, considering the dramatic change in our lives over the past year and seeing communities begin opening back up in a full capacity now, this summer would be the perfect time to get children back on track. As unfortunate as it is, the reality is that most children’s development has been stifled in one, if not all, areas. Cognitive performance has been significantly affected since schools have had limited options for learning, and for some children, these choices are not as conducive to learning. To counteract this, we must engage children in a program that fosters brain development and learning. ....

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  • Rebuilding Physical Skills During the Summer

    Rebuilding Physical Skills During the Summer

    For the past year, children have mostly been stuck inside, in front of a computer for school, and on a device during free time. And as much as parents have tried to keep their children active, it’s been a struggle with the limitations of many activities. But now, as communities begin opening back up in a fuller capacity, we must get children moving again. The summer is a perfect time for this. The key, however, is to find activities that focus on the developmental needs of children so they can rebuild any lost physical progress quicker while also developing a higher skill set. This will lay the groundwork for all other areas of development to also be expanded. The development of ....

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  • Single Focused Tasks: The Key to More Productive Learning

    Single Focused Tasks: The Key to More Productive Learning

    Productivity is one of the most highly regarded traits in the work world today. And to be productive, multitasking is the go-to method. The ability to switch between multiple tasks rapidly is seen as a special skill, but it stifles productivity and increases the likelihood of making mistakes. But with the growing flood of information and technology, distractions are at the forefront of our every step. And while this is affecting everyone, these distractions are most detrimental to children’s developing brains. The idea of “multitasking” or what is better described as “rapid task switching” impedes not only efficiency but also weakens our ability to ....

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  • Boost Attention Span by Making Learning Fun Again

    Boost Attention Span by Making Learning Fun Again

    Attention span has long been a topic regarding the relationship between children and learning. As the years have passed, technology has been at the forefront of our everyday lives. This has caused the concern for inattentiveness to become even more of an issue. Children are constantly presented with new and exciting things that catch their attention, so it’s up to adults to find ways to teach new information in an entertaining way. This approach will maintain the interest level of the child so that learning can be cultivated. Attention span refers to the time a person can focus on an activity. As most people know, this varies depending on the age. The general rule is 2-5 minutes ....

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