Perseverance Persistance

Perseverance Persistance

One of the most highly regarded abilities in sports is for a quarterback to stand in the pocket and deliver a ball even with a defense charging straight into him. One of the most highly regarded abilities a young person can have is to struggle with a task, but not give up. It is not an easy thing to stay strong in the face of adversity, but it is a trait that truly distinguishes an athlete, scholar, or community steward from their peers. Do you remember a time when you had to face great adversity? Do you remember when you wanted to quit, but overcame? I am willing to bet that this was a defining memory for you and one that you held onto. While our society becomes more and more ‘nerfed,’ the realities of the outside world have not changed. Life will present your child with challenges just like you have experienced. Children must learn the perseverance to overcome obstacles! It is very important for our children to understand that they will not always succeed on the first try and to know that that is ok! Future black belts learn that failure isn’t struggling with a task, failure is quitting before seeing improvement! At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, future black belts are encouraged to struggle with the things they find difficult. For some it could be a subject in school like math or science. For others it could be engaging and talking to their peers. Still others might struggle with physical tasks like punching and kicking. Regardless of what it is, the instructors at Columbus Martial Arts Academy challenge future black belts to step outside of their comfort zones, struggle and overcome. This is because the truest mark of the black belt is perseverance!


How many things have you had to practice at to get better? Most of the things we do on a daily basis come easily because of daily practice. Our children are constantly learning about the world and are learning new things about themselves as well. They are learning which things come easily to them and which things are more difficult. A natural inclination in young people to shy away from things that are difficult. It is hard for us to see our children struggle for direction. As parents, it is easy to see our children’s peers progressing and simply assuming that everything must come easy to that child. What we don’t see is all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to make it appear that way. There are no ‘free meals!’ Improvement in any given task will always be related to hard work and perseverance! At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, our future black belts are pushed on a daily basis to struggle with things that do not come easily to them. No future black belt is allowed to run from the thing that is hard to them! Instead, they are encouraged to persevere on a persistent basis! Whether the things that are harder for them are on the mat or at school, your child’s instructors will always be there to offer encouragement and guidance. The instructors at Columbus Martial Arts Academy will be there to remind them that they don’t have to be perfect on the first try. They will be there to remind your future black belt that failure isn’t making a mistake, failure is giving up before improving! In this way, your child will learn to persevere on the mat as they travel the path of the black belt. They will take this desire to persevere with them the rest of their lives! They will become an indomitable force of success at school and in life!


From school subjects like math, to household chores, to their various after school activities, our children are constantly practicing. It is important for them to not only practice, but to practice well regardless of the task at hand! Improper practice leads to poor performance! For years everyone has told us that practice makes perfect and that if we simply spend time with a difficult task that we will improve. This is true to a degree, but ultimately practicing poorly simply leads to bad habits. We all want our children to be taught by strong role models who are experts in their field. When your child is in school, they are taught by experts in math, science and history.This is no different when they walk onto the mat each evening. At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, your child will practice new martial arts techniques every week under the tutelage of professional instructors. Our structured curriculum is expertly designed to rotate a student through a variety of techniques throughout the year. During each martial arts class, your child will get to a see techniques ranging from karate kicks, to judo throws, to muay thai knees, to brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling holds. Your child will then get the unique opportunity to practice the technique under the watchful eye of their expert instructors. Instructors who practice martial arts professionally, travel to conferences to discuss teaching, and even compete in martial arts. Our instructors are experts who can offer tips and tricks built form a lifetime of martial arts training and who will help your child refine their technique into a practical form of self-defense that will go a long way towards helping to make them bully-proof! Under their adept instruction, future black belts learn to never give up!


Your child will encounter challenges in life; do not leave the unequipped! At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, not only will your child be pushed to struggle with difficult tasks, they will learn the perseverance to overcome! Under the watchful eye of their expert instructors, they will refine martial arts techniques on a daily basis and you will see that practice does indeed make permanent! The perseverance that your child learns will carry on with them throughout life. It will make them a better student at school and a better sibling at home. Make your child’s life easier by giving them the tools to succeed! Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional martial arts instructors!

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