Introvert Issues

Introvert Issues


Does your child struggle to stand out? Are they too quiet? Do they get pushed around or overstepped by stronger kids? That is not OKAY! Read how Martial Arts can help this 100%!

First of all....

There is nothing wrong with a quiet child! However, you do not want them to get walked on or taken advantage of. This can happen to the quiet kids. Teaching them how to stand up for themselves and speak up can be very difficult. Hurting feelings or disappointing people can be hard for kids. It is very important to help them develop a strong backbone and strong self confidence.

How can I help my child?

We are so glad you asked! We recommend two things!

1)Give your children situations and ask them how they would handle them. Teach them when it is and is not right to stand up for themselves. Also try to really show them the difference in people needing help versus taking advantage.

2)We recommend every child get involved in our Martial Arts program. We do not say this to promote our business. We are very proud of our hardwork and dedication and will let that speak for itself. It is a known and proved fact that Martial Arts helps build children's self confidence. Martial Arts builds up confidence and maintains it.

These two things can MAJORLY help your child to be strong regardless of how quiet they are!

In closing....

We know how difficult it can be when you are not an outspoken child/person. Talk with your kids and enroll them in our classes today. You will not believe the difference!!!!!!!!

God Bless,

Ashlee Z. 

Columbus Martial Arts Academy 

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