Happy last week of April, readers!

We hope your month has been just as fantastic as ours! Summer is rolling our way and we are excited to be in the sunshine! I mean.. who doesn't love summertime? Today we are going to talk about things that are very serious and overlooked.. WATER and HYDRATION.

Let's go there....

Hydration is no joke. As adults we may say we are going to drink more water and do better, but do we? One thing we have to remember is that we love our kids. Because we love them we have to stay well for them. Water has so many health benefits. It is an awesome liquid! If water is so important to adults.. think about how much MORE important it is for children!


Why do we need water? According to mindbodygreen.com we need water for several reasons LIKE:

*Maintaining Digestion Regularity

*Boosting Immune System

*Preventing Cramps and Sprains

*Increasing Energy and Relieving Fatigue

Our bodies are mostly WATER. (WE NEED IT, PEOPLE!) If we do not get enough.. there are downfalls!!

Side effects of dehydration:

WebMD.com says the side effects of dehydration include:




*Palpitations (yikes!!)

We don't want these things for you OR your children!

Stay safe....

Keep yourself and your children hydrated. It is that time of year when the sun drys us up and dries us out. Our kids are soon to be outside running/biking/jumping/etc and we need to keep them safe. Pump them full of water and make sure they keep a filled water bottle with them throughout the day. Do this for yourself also. Healthy parents can build healthy kids!

God Bless!

Ashlee Z.

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