Stretch it out!

Stretch it out!


Today we are going to discuss a very important step in athletics!

They NEED this!

Parents.. what do you think of when you think "important part of kid sports"? Sportsmanship? Yes. Toughness? Yes. Dedication? Yes. How about stretching? YES! Stretching plays a very vital role in sports. It may seem like something that can be skipped over but IT CANNOT!

Think about it..

If you go for a 5 mile run every morning.. are you just going to get after it? Probably not. You would stretch out and warm up your muscles to avoid harm to your body. Children's sports are no different. They need to stretch out their muscles to be good to go! tells us that our children should be stretching 3 times a week regardless of sports, anyway! A child is growing all the time. Their muscles need this for more than one reason!

What are the other reasons? says stretching helps things like reducing muscle tension, increasing muscular blood flow, and helping bodies to recover after activities! There are many reasons to get your kids to stretch out! Do not skip over this important step!

Keep it healthy!

God Bless,

Ashlee Zesati

Ultimate Youth Sports

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