Let's talk HYGIENE


Hygiene is so important! We wash our hands to keep the germs away! We brush our teeth to keep life pleasant. Oh yes.. we're going there.. DEODORANT. Keep reading to make sure your child is fully covered in the hygiene spectrum.


Let's talk teeth! They need to be brushed. Sugary drinks are all the rage these days. You rarely see children drinking water. You also see them eating candy and junk food. We aren't bashing it.. we all like our chips every now and then too! :) However, we just want to make sure our teeth are getting clean afterwards. Aside from clean teeth.. brushing keeps breath fresh and germs at bay. MANY germs live in your mouth! So teach your kids to brush away.. and don't forget to floss!


Our kids are athletic and they love to play.. which is AWESOME! Just make sure they are getting clean after their sports/play time. Dirt can cake up and cause problems and infections. Make sure your children are getting behind their ears, under their fingernails and their feet too!


PARENTS.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE teach your children about deodorant!!!! Five may be a little young, but by ten they need the talk. Children do not need to just know about deodorizing but understand how it works. It does not have to be an awkward conversation. Just say, "Growing up means that we have to take care of our bodies. Start today! Love you!" Then toss a bar or deodorant their way and make sure it's being used.

All too often parents forget to give their children this talk. It is MAJORLY important. Children need to know how to take care of themselves (and their B.O.) Do not let them feel ashamed, but help them to understand why we stay clean!

Ashlee Z. out!!

God Bless,

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