Children.. Too Busy Or Not Busy Enough??

Children.. Too Busy Or Not Busy Enough??

Parents and Families.. Let's talk busy bodies!

Being too busy can harm your child, yes. Running your child into the ground with clubs and sports and no free time can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Lack of sleep is not good for growing muscles. Constant stress is not good for the brain/heart. This lifestyle also doesn't make eating clean easy.


Not being involved in anything can also be dangerous. Too much free time can lead to oversleeping, dropping grades and bad habits. We do not recommend either of these two lifestyles for a child (or an adult!) We do recommend a healthy balance!! What is a healthy balance? We are SO glad you asked!

A healthy balance in our opinion is:

A) Plenty of time for schooling and homework

B)Some form of physical activity every day (30-50 minutes)

C)Healthy diet

D)Plenty of rest each night (at least 8 hours!)

As Martial Artists.. we know the importance of all of these things! We encourage all families to get involved in our Martial Arts classes to help stay on track. While most people think our classes stay in the facility.. they actually go way beyond! Martial Arts teaches structure, discipline, focus, healthy habits.. etc! Why wouldn't you want your child involved? Do yourself a favor and come check out our classes. You won't regret it! (706-221-5440)

Stay Healthy Everyone!

God Bless!

Ashlee Zesati

Ultimate Youth Sports


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