5 Tips To Keep Kids Active During School!!

5 Tips To Keep Kids Active During School!!


We as parents know that kids love to play. However.. school and homework makes it difficult for our kids to stay moving! Hours of homework can lead to dinner then bed. Children lack the exercise they need! Check out these 5 easy tips to make sure your child stays active!

The Big Five:

1. Take homework breaks! A 5 minute break that consists of jumping jacks, a quick bike ride in the driveway or anything that burns energy is awesome!

2. Replace "before bed TV" with an energetic activity!

3.Take your child to the park after school. A 30 minute play-break may help focus later on!

4.Create a game! For every question answered correctly while studying.. have a 30 second dance party to celebrate!

5. Enroll your child in an athletic after-school program! This is a guaranteed way your child will get some exercise!

**Make sure school meals and snacks are healthy! To have energy to burn.. kids need to eat the right foods!**

Stay Well!

God Bless,

Ashlee Zesati

Ultimate Youth Sports


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