Is Negativity Comsuming You??

Is Negativity Comsuming You??

We all know one person....

Do you have a person in your life who is negative about everything? Is that person you? Listen up people! Negativity can defeat us! It can make us physically ill. Have you ever thought about that? Constant negativity effects, yes, our minds AND bodies! When you always think negatively, you speak negatively and you live negatively. It is a fact that people who live with a positive mindset.. live longer. If you want proof see what Huffington Post has to say about it in the link below!

It doesn't affect just you....

A bad attitude can hurt you and your family.. not to mention friends and work life. Don't live with constant stress and unhappiness when happiness is just an outlook change away! At Columbus MMA we thrive on positivity and encouragement! Not everyone wins.. but not everyone loses. We recognize hard work and that is what matters to us! This is a great way to live life as well! 

How to rid negativity:

-Surround yourself with happy people. When that can't happen.. be the happy person!

-Get active! Sometimes we need to physically work out our bad moods through athletics! A great way to do this? MARTIAL ARTS! Learn to control your negativity and turn it into fuel.

-Take deep breaths.

-Say a prayer.

-Take time to be alone and read a book, call your relatives, or do anything that makes you happy!

In closing....

Negativity surrounds us. It is almost bound to be in our everyday life. Let's be real.. negative thoughts just don't leave us forever. They can be turned around though! Stay happy and stay healthy!

God Bless,

Ashlee Z.

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