Parenting tips for school!!

Parenting tips for school!!

Making Decisions

As parents.. we are not that different. We want our kids to do their homework, eat healthy, go to Church, etc. Some of us may have different ways and wants for our children, but we can all agree that our children's success is important. We make sure they go to school, stay well, stay clean.. and so on. Wanting the best for your child is not a crime. Wanting them to be successful is our job!

How far is too far?

Good things:

-Helping your child study/do homework

-Reading for 30 minutes a day with your child



-Increasing homework/studying time for bad grades


A child should be self-reliant but not afraid to come to the parents for help.

Bad Things:

-Shaming a child for bad grades.

-Making a child not feel good enough

-Putting constant stress on a child for grades

-Giving a child a sense of "worthlessness" when they try their hardest

Here's The Thing

All parents want their children to do well. It's part of being a parent! However, we should not make our children sick to their stomach when it comes to test taking or grades. The best thing a parent can do is make sure the child is well prepared! That mixed with positivity and encouragement.. and you child should do great! :) Now don't take our post the wrong way.. we know not all children want to sit down and do homework. Well.. do any want that? Probably not! The control lies in your hands. Get your child to understand why they do homework. Give them small rewards for achievements. Make school and grades a positive experience for them.

Ashlee Z. signing out!

God Bless!

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