Martial Arts for Pre-K? ABSOLUTELY!

Martial Arts for Pre-K? ABSOLUTELY!

How young can my child start Martial Arts?

Great Question! We say 3 years old is the right age to begin! Some parents may think that a typical 3-5 year old could not keep up in a Martial Arts class. They may think that their child could not keep focused or disciplined. At first this may be true. However, Martial Arts brings out a side in children that some parents have never seen. This art teaches them patience and structure. It shows them how to be led instead of trying to be the leader.

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We enjoy the opportunity to work with our younger kids! Seeing the transformation in even just one child is rewarding.. especially when you see the behavior change in a child who.. well.. needed the change IN behavior. We enjoy seeing the growth and knowledge expand in every student! When you start your child in Martial Arts while still very young.. you open the door to a lifetime of learning!

Will these benefits stay with my child?

Absolutely. The cool thing is that Martial Arts is no temporary fix. These skills and ways of life keep with them through their lives! Will Martial Arts make your child a whole new person? Of course not! You love your child just the way they are and we would never intervene! We are here to help guide them to be the best they can be! As parents, we all want that! Right? Pre-K (3-5 y/o) can be a difficult time, but it doesn't have to be! Get them involved in Martial Arts.

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