8 reasons After School Care is THE BEST decision!

8 reasons After School Care is THE BEST decision!

Is after school care for your child?

Do you find yourself wondering if after care is for your child? Our answer is YES! Check out our 8 great reasons why after school care is wonderful!

1. Socialization.

Children need to be around other children. Keeping them one-on-one with an adult gives them way less social interaction than kids that go to after school care.

2. Work.

Let's face it. It's 2017 and parents work. Leaving early means possible trouble with a boss and/or loss of pay. You work hard to take care of your family. Let us help.

3. Activity.

Give your child an afternoon full of fun. Which is better.. sports and crafts or sitting in front of the TV?

4. Safety

A great childcare will have GREAT safety features. Ultimate Youth Sports (for example) has security cameras and an alarm system. No one comes through those doors without being seen.


What parent has the time or energy at the end of a long day to work on homework with their child? (Especially when you have to fix dinner, do laundry, etc!) An after school program should help you with this!

6. Mentorship

All instructors should be well trained and certified. They should also be more than an instructor.. they should be a mentor. Your child will be spending hours a week with these instructors/coaches. The instructors should be somewhat like big brothers and sisters.

7. 60+ minutes physical training

Children should not be dropped off with blocks and coloring books to attend to all afternoon. They should be involved in physical activity! Why pay money for your child to do what they could be doing at home? Get every bit of your money's worth!


Pay attention to who is caring for your child. Make sure the owners background check their staff. The person in charge of your child is in charge of your world, right? They should be helping your child, showing them right from wrong, strengthening them through their obstacles, teaching them the best possible way to tackle life and more.


Now that you have read our 8 reasons.. you should know one thing.. When it comes to after school care, Ultimate Youth Sports is SERIOUS. We can check all 8 of these reasons off on our list. Not everyone can. We are the BEST and we plan to keep it that way. Never settle for less. Invest in your child's future.

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