How to DITCH bullying!!

How to DITCH bullying!!

Bullying in schools

As you know.. bullying has long reigned in school systems. We will assume it is due to certain kids struggling with their own problems who eventually take it out on others. It is wrong, and it is definitely not okay. Question: What would you do if it was your child being bullied? We think the answer is simple. Take a stand. 

First things first

You should ask your child if they have talked to a teacher/principal. If the answer is no.. then that should be the first step. Violence is not the answer. However, some kids MAY be violent from the start, and you wouldn't want your child to be at the wrong end of the stick. Prepare them. Get them in a Martial Arts class so they can learn how to protect themselves. Hopefully your child will never face this issue, but you never know! Ultimate Youth Sports offers top of the line classes that can teach skills even beyond self-defense! Our kids are outstanding and could no-doubt protect themselves if need be.

Just In Case

As professionals we can only hope that children never have to use Martial Arts for self defense at school. We want them to retain the skills just in case, and parents should want them to be prepared too. You never know when it could be your child.


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