Active kids are happy kids!

Active kids are happy kids!

Let's talk activities

Today we want to discuss the importance of keeping your child up and moving! It seems that kids these days are too attached to their video games, cell phones and laptops. While a little computer fun is probably harmless.. hours of computer fun is sure to take away from your child. What is it taking away? Sunshine.. exercise.. communication skills.. freedom.. and much more. You could potentially be harming your child's health by letting your child play games all day. says that video games could even cause health problems! How? Some video games keep the players in a state of adrenaline rush which is not healthy to let the body go through for long periods of time.

Let's think about it

As children we had the best time playing outside with family and friends! Lemonade stands, tree houses, biking, etc were a way of life. To stay inside and play video games all day every day was just not as fun. By having fun, away from online games, we got plenty of exercise and fresh air. Though parents would prefer outdoors.. we had just as much fun playing inside! Creativity was the best tool in the box- not the controller! Of course we played video games and of course we watched TV. There is nothing wrong with those things in small doses. We just have to remember that.

Let's see what we can do

Life is definitely much faster these days. However, we cannot let that affect our children. Start this weekend and get your kids outside! Grab some chalk or their bikes and have a great time outside! If you are planning on staying inside.. turn on some music and have a dance party! Whatever you decide.. just GET MOVING! We want all parents and kids to stay happy and healthy. We encourage you.. make your child put the games and phones down. Spend quality time together. Relive what it is like to have some real fun!


God Bless,

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