How To Teach Your Child To Accept Losing

How To Teach Your Child To Accept Losing


Let's face it. Our children are bound to lose at something some day. However, that is OKAY. Failure helps teach our children. How? It's simple.. By a child understanding that they cannot always win.. they learn coping skills. They may also learn humility and much more! This is an important talk some parents do not have with their children, but we at UYS think it is important!

Loser Weepers

When kids do not learn to accept loss we face challenges like crying fits or tantrums from them. The child simply can not understand why it is okay to lose. In some cases they may even take it out on other classmates. Children should learn to work together as a team. They should encourage each other whether win or lose. This is a prime example of why it is important to teach them why it is OKAY to fail sometimes. Crying is unacceptable and should never happen. Keep reading for our tips on how to teach your child to accept failure!

How It Is Done

Sit down with your child and tell them that it is OKAY to lose sometimes. Explain to them that by losing we are giving someone else a chance to win. Winning feels good and we should want all of our friends to experience it! We should even encourage our friends to try their best and compliment them if they win.. because hey.. we would want our friends to return that positivity. Yes losing stinks, but we can learn to be a better friend because of it. If that doesn't work try the "try again" reasoning. If you miss a basket playing basketball.. what do you do? Try again. This is how it works when we lose. We try again! Also we can learn to work harder at things thanks to losing. This gives us a better outlook. Kids may think, "I am upset that I lost my baseball game tonight, but I will go home and practice and get better." That is a win for a parent!

You've Got This!

We know these talks can be difficult sometimes! With a positive attitude and smile.. we know our parents can accomplish anything! Don't forget Ultimate Youth Sports supports these talks and applies them to our daily activities.


God Bless!

Ashlee Z.

Ultimate Youth Sports

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