Honesty, The Best Policy

It is easy to praise yourself for what you do well. You may be an awesome basketball player. You spar better than most students in your class. You’re able to do your homework quickly and correctly. What you do well always adds to your self-confidence. However knowing your faults will really help you grow. You must be honest with yourself to understand your faults. It is better that you realize your faults, instead of others realzing them for you. Be willing to look at your negatives and your positives, at home, in school, and during your martial arts class. Once you do, then you can improve and be more successful. Most people want quick fixes to their problems. Isn’t it easier to lie to your mother that you took the trash to the curb rather than actually doing it? Don’t tell lies. Be honest. When you are honest about your problems, you are better able to fix them. It might be easier and faster to copy a classmate’s homework, but it’s not honest. Your lie about the trash may be an easy and quick fix, but your mother will discover that you didn’t take the trash to the curb. Then you will have an even bigger problem. It’s quick and easy to lie to avoid hard work, but that is not a good Black Belt attitude. Black Belts know that the fastest way is not the best way to fix a problem.You might think that a “white lie” is sometimes OK. You might think it is another choice between the truth and a lie. But remember, you have only two choices, not three. When you tell a white lie, you are still telling a lie. The word “lie” is even part of its name. Lying is lying. It is wrong and its color is black. Being honest is always right. Its color is white, so a lie can never be white. Telling the truth shows that you have Black Belt character and respect for others. Your black belt character makes you a leader, successful in school and a help to your family. The best solution to your problem is always the truth—the Black Belt truth. You have probably heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. People believed him when he first said that the wolf was coming. He said it again and again, but the wolf did not come. People then began to think the boy was a liar. Everyone ignored him the next time he said the wolf was coming. Then, one day the wolf did come. By the time the villagers knew the wolf was there, it had already stolen a number of chickens and disappeared. Don’t act like the boy in the story. When you lie, repeatedly, people will think you are liar. They will not be able to trust you again. You will have to work very hard to prove that you can be trusted in the future. Be the kind of person and Black Belt who is valued for his honesty. Never be like “the boy who cried wolf.” Honesty is one of the markers for a Black Belt, but you don’t have to wait until you are a Black Belt to develop this life-skill. If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you increase your or your child’s honesty or anything else regarding either our adult or children’s’ programs, please feel free to contact the Ultimate Youth Sports Team.


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