Potential- The Potent Tool

Karate-For-PreSchool2Your potential is what you can become. Believe in yourself. Be confident you can achieve any goal. It may be a small goal, such as removing the trash from the kitchen everyday. It may be a big goal, such as becoming a Black Belt. Use your abilities to reach your potential. Don’t let past failures or new challenges limit what you can do. You must believe in yourself and your abilities. You will do more than you ever thought you could. You have the abilities and the confidence. Your potential belongs to you, and only you. Put it to work and you will achieve greatness. Potential is the opportunity to be the special person you can be. You can’t do everything, but you can do some things very well. Don’t ever stop trying new things in life. You may have the talents to be great. You may not. You may not have the skills to be a great basketball player. That’s OK. Playing basketball with your friends is still a good activity. You may try hard, but you may never be an “A” student. That is no reason to stop learning. Keep trying and use what you learn to discover what you can do best. Each person has unique talents. Use your talents and you will reach your potential. Effort is hard work. You can only be your best if you work hard. Everyone has an equal opportunity to try. You will be successful because you put forth effort. Too many people would rather be lazy. Your life would be easier if you didn’t attend your martial arts class. It’s easier to forget your homework than making the effort to study. Effort is necessary if you expect to achieve your goals. There are no rewards without effort. Only students who work hard become great Black Belts. Even those students who are excellent martial artists must work very hard to earn their Black Belts. Work hard for your goals. You will reach your full potential. You will succeed. Challenges are actually opportunities. You can try something new because you have confidence in yourself. Don’t say, “I can’t”; say “I will try to do my best.” You may not think you can dunk a basketball. Give it try. You may come closer than you think. You may be afraid to try a jump kick. Ask yourself, “Why not?” There is no reason why you shouldn’t try. You may have to try more than once to do it right. That is learning. You must try to learn. When you do learn you have power. The power to say, “ I can” and “I did.” Acknowledging one’s potential is one of the markers for a Black Belt, but you don’t have to wait until you are a Black Belt to develop this life-skill. If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you increase your or your child’s honesty or anything else regarding either our adult or children’s’ programs, please feel free to contact the Ultimate Youth Sports Team.

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