The Always Learning Martial Artist

Karate-For-Kids-PreSchool2Wisdom is more than just “smarts.” It is your effort to learn new ideas everyday. You can learn from school, TV programs, your past. The life you’ve experienced and the actions you’ve taken will teach you much. If you’ve made mistakes in the past, then you can learn to avoid making the same mistakes again. That is real wisdom! If you do the opposite of your past mistakes, then you’ve learned to make the right decisions. Review your past choices before you make a new decision. You’ll be more in control of our future. Grow with wisdom and you will succeed.You will acquire more knowledge and information, as you grow older and continue your education. You will learn facts and ideas in your language, math, history and science classes. Someday, you may attend college and learn even more knowledge. The benefit of wisdom is using that knowledge, wisely. Review everything you learn and how to use it. Someday, you may have to defend yourself. You may not have time to use every self-defense technique you’ve learned. You must learn how to pick the exact knowledge you need to defend yourself, quickly. Wisdom is also separating your knowledge into usable pieces. You can then apply those pieces to specific situations. You’ll make the right decisions, and do the right things. You will be wise! Life is often filled with disappointments. Life doesn’t always treat you right. You may feel bad or that you are a failure. Don’t be upset or negative. Forget what went wrong because you can’t change it. You can learn how to be right the next time. For example, you practiced real hard for a big game or a school test. Maybe you didn’t do well. Your mistakes or failures can teach you to practice differently or work harder for the next test. Failing to pass a stripe or belt test could teach you to come to class more often. There is always a good lesson to learn from every situation. Great Black Belts with the right attitude always try to learn those lessons. You must learn everyday of your life. There is always more knowledge. There is always more wisdom that will help you grow and realize your dreams. Don’t assume you know everything about a topic in school just because you’ve heard the teacher present that topic before. Listen to your younger brother or sister when they want to explain what they’ve learned in school. You already passed that grade, but that doesn’t mean you learned everything. If you’re wise, then you’ll learn from what your brother or sister is saying. You must also have the right attitude to become wiser. When you close your mind, you stop growing. Just because you’re older and earn excellent grades in school, doesn’t mean you can stop learning. Knowledge is all around you. Look for it and learn from it whenever possible. Wisdom is one of the markers for a Black Belt, but you don’t have to wait until you are a Black Belt to develop this life-skill. If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you increase your or your child’s wisdom or anything else regarding either our adult or children’s’ programs, please feel free to contact the Ultimate Youth Sports Team.

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