Holiday Parent Skillz Tip #5

Holiday Parent Skillz Tip #5

The holidays should be a time of fun but the pleasure of it all often gets sidelined when the stress of all the expectations take over. With all the craziness of the season, children need their parents to be even more available.

Teaching children how to navigate through the hustle and bustle is a challenge. It requires that parents find ways to teach their children how to get through the holiday to-do lists in a fun way.

To prevent potential problems, instead of criticizing your child for not wrapping a gift properly, make it fun by saying something like: “Let’s see who can make their gift wrapping look the most creative, me or you! If you can make your gift wrapping more creative than mine, then I will play a game of your choice once we are done. But before we compete, let me show you the different things we have to use for wrapping.” 

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