Holiday Parent Skillz Tip #2

Holiday Parent Skillz Tip #2




It’s important for parents to know where their child is in his or her stage of development so that they can understand what’s “developmentally appropriate.” Attunement all comes down to how well you know your child and their moods, and how well you know yourself.


To prevent potential behavior problems, keep some schedules in place such as snack times and bedtimes. Tune in to your child so you can more easily understand when they are feeling overwhelmed. Remember, even the most mellow of children can feel the pressure of the holidays but it’s even more difficult for younger children and those with some sort of sensory processing disorder.


The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy but children often become overwhelmed due to the increased amounts of stimuli in the environment. This can lead to crankiness and parents often misread this behavior and assume their child is being unappreciative. 

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