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  • The Power of Yet: Developing a Mindset for Success

    The Power of Yet: Developing a Mindset for Success

    Goal setting is a characteristic that significantly links an individual to their future success. Having the right mindset is crucial and encourages our behaviors as we encounter different challenges. Since our mindset incorporates our own beliefs about skills and abilities that we possess, we must have a growth mindset and teach children the power of this as well. Simple yet effective tactics can be implemented to help children become more confident, resilient, and persistent in their drive to reach goals. Carol Dweck, a psychologist, developed the theory of the fixed and growth mindsets in her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” She explains a fixed mindset is ....

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  • Behavior Shaping: Implementing Reinforcement Schedules

    Behavior Shaping: Implementing Reinforcement Schedules

    Getting children to behave how we want them to can be tricky. Even with the best intentions, parents often fall short regarding enforcing positive behaviors in their children while also extinguishing negative ones. Understanding reinforcement schedules and strategies for implementing them can be beneficial to parents and create positive behavior outcomes and improve the parent-child bond. Looking at B.F. Skinner’s behavior theory regarding Operant Conditioning, we know that the most effective way to increase positive behaviors is by catching children being good and rewarding them for a job well done. This, coupled with ignoring negative behaviors, can be the most effective ....

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  • Reinforcement vs Punishment: Understanding Behavior Modification

    Reinforcement vs Punishment: Understanding Behavior Modification

    All parents want their children to exhibit positive behaviors that will help them transition smoothly through the different stages of their development. And while parents have the best intentions, they often don’t use the most effective discipline strategies to achieve that goal. And granted, parents do their best to implement the knowledge and experiences that they have in their parenting. However, becoming more familiar with operant conditioning concerning behavior modification strategies such as positive reinforcement can take their parenting to a new level. Operant conditioningwas founded by B.F. Skinner, who believed that the most effective method for understanding behavior, ....

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  • Restoring the True Spirit of the Season

    Restoring the True Spirit of the Season

    With the holiday season in full swing, families everywhere are struggling to make suitable plans for the pandemic. While our typical holidays are full of family gatherings, parties, and many other busy events this year, the pandemic has put a damper on our holiday traditions and, instead, increased our stress. And although our regular events are halted due to safety concerns, we must find ways to make the best of the situation. Using these uncommon times to foster empathy in children and get back to the true meaning of the season will help make the holidays special. All humans are born with the capacity to be empathetic. However, we are not instinctively considerate of others, but ....

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  • Parenting Styles: Implementing the Most Effective Methods

    Parenting Styles: Implementing the Most Effective Methods

    Becoming a parent is, for the most part, an exciting adventure to undertake. Along with this, however, comes an enormous amount of responsibility. And while most feel prepared, others may experience anxiety and uncertainty about how to begin this journey. But no matter what, parents ultimately want to raise their children to the best of their ability with the information they possess. Knowledge of our parenting style can help us adjust, as needed, and apply the best approach for our children's healthy development. Four distinct parenting styles were originated by Dr. Diana Baumrind, each of which has specific characteristics presented by the parent and outcomes, therefore, expressed by ....

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  • Holiday Parenting: Keeping the Joy Alive

    Holiday Parenting: Keeping the Joy Alive

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this year, maybe a little less intense but, no doubt, still exciting. While holiday parties may be missing from our typical December schedules, the pandemic can't stop the spirit of the season! Decorating the house, wrapping gifts, and baking goodies will keep the joy alive. Ultimately, just as in any other year, however, the excitement can become overwhelming and put children into full sensory overload. This, coupled with the world's unsettledness, can increase cortisol, causing more stress than joy. Implementing positive strategies into our routines can help counteract these tensions and reconnect us to the season's true meaning. During ....

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  • Attachment Awareness: How Attachment Styles Affect Classroom Behaviors

    Attachment Awareness: How Attachment Styles Affect Classroom Behaviors

    All children have their own unique way of interacting with the world around them. And while much of this is contributed by their temperaments, the degree of emotional nurturing plays a significant role. This essential piece is how attachment is formed. The emotional bond between a child and their parent lays the foundation for how the child will relate to other people and environments they encounter throughout their lives. When we know how the type of attachment contributes to behaviors observed, we can then serve children in the classroom in a more effective way. Dr. John Bowlby, along with Dr. Mary Ainsworth, developed the Attachment Theory. They created the "attachment behavior ....

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  • The Skillz Zone: The Sweet Spot for Learning

    The Skillz Zone: The Sweet Spot for Learning

    We’ve all set goals, to some degree, throughout our lives. Some were easily achieved while others we just gave up on completing. This is because most plans are either set in the comfort zone or the danger zone. And while our initial motivation generally puts on a path to setting lofty goals, it can lead us to failure. Finding a balance between these two zones is critical in increasing productivity and avoiding stagnation. The “SKILLZ zone” is the optimal place to do this. By teaching children this early on, we can ensure that they have the necessary tools for consistent future successes. We are all very familiar with the comfort zone. This is where we feel secure ....

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  • Whole-Brain Parenting: Engaging the Brain for Optimal Development

    Whole-Brain Parenting: Engaging the Brain for Optimal Development

    On any given day, we may experience moments of high emotion in reaction to an event, or we find ourselves trying to control everyone and everything around us. Either way, our mental well-being is in danger, especially if we find ourselves stuck in either scenario for long. It can be difficult for children to get unstuck without some help from a parent or other adult. To give children the support they need when faced with this, parents must have a basic understanding of their child’s brain development. By incorporating this knowledge into interactions, parents can support children in learning and growing through a whole-brain approach. To help us get a clear understanding ....

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  • The Developing Mind - Understanding Your Child's Behavior

    The Developing Mind - Understanding Your Child's Behavior

    One of the biggest struggles in parenting is understanding why perfectly sweet and smart children can, in an instant, turn into the most difficult beings ever faced. It’s often as if a switch was flipped and chaos has ensued. This typically results in parents becoming frustrated at their child and disciplining them in the heat of the moment. And while this may seem like the best option, it can be counterproductive in many ways. When parents become knowledgeable about the basics of brain development and how this affects behavior , they can help integrate all areas of the brain and have better parenting success. The key to whole-brain integration is ....

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