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  • Perpetually Practicing Patience

    Perpetually Practicing Patience

    A farmer plants a seed and tends to it while the tree grows. It won’t bear fruit overnight and instead must be watched over for years before the investment is rewarded. So too, our children must practice patience. Patience is one of the hardest virtues to learn but is invaluable to the success of a high-achieving young person. Learning to delay gratification is the mark of becoming a functioning adult and to be able to do something today that won’t produce results for days, weeks, or even years is a hard, but necessary skill to develop. As parents and coaches, we give our children the tools they need today and watch them develop those tools over a lifetime. Future black ....

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  • Perseverance Persistance

    Perseverance Persistance

    0 0 1 890 5076 Columbus Martial Arts Academy 42 11 5955 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE One of the most highly regarded abilities in sports is for a quarterback to stand in the pocket and deliver a ball even with a defense charging straight into him. One of the most highly ....

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  • Community of Champions

    Community of Champions

    0 0 1 877 5002 Columbus Martial Arts Academy 41 11 5868 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Community of Champions ....

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  • Winning


    #Winning We have all come up short at one time or another. Losing is no fun and is hard to deal with as adults and it is even harder to deal with as a child with limited experience. It seems like we spend large swathes of time helping our children cope with disappointment, but how often do we spend time teaching them about winning and success? We want so badly for our children to win and often we simply feel so relieved when they do win that we forget that even winning is a teachable moment. At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, we have a culture of success. Our future black belts win on the mat, they win at school and they make their peers better with every success. A martial arts ....

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  • The Art of Learning

    The Art of Learning

    How much time each day do you consciously spend learning? It’s ok, we’re all busy with work and families and life is crazy. Your child, on the other hand, is constantly learning about the world. Learning new things is very healthy for a young mind,but we know that everyone does not learn at the same rate. To get better at it, a child must practise learning. In martial arts class, future black belts learn new techniques every week! The structured curriculum taught at Columbus Martial Arts Academy is designed to keep your child’s young mind constantly learning and growing. Learning is its own art, no different from Karate, Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu . Every ....

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  • Introvert Issues

    Introvert Issues

    Does your child struggle to stand out? Are they too quiet? Do they get pushed around or overstepped by stronger kids? That is not OKAY! Read how Martial Arts can help this 100%! First of all....
    There is nothing wrong with a quiet child! However, you do not want them to get walked on or taken advantage of. This can happen to the quiet kids. Teaching them how to stand up for themselves and speak up can be very difficult. Hurting feelings or disappointing people can be hard for kids. It is very important to help them develop a strong backbone and strong self confidence. How can I help my child?
    We are so glad you asked! We recommend two things! 1)Give your children ....

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    Happy last week of April, readers!
    We hope your month has been just as fantastic as ours! Summer is rolling our way and we are excited to be in the sunshine! I mean.. who doesn't love summertime? Today we are going to talk about things that are very serious and overlooked.. WATER and HYDRATION. Let's go there....
    Hydration is no joke. As adults we may say we are going to drink more water and do better, but do we? One thing we have to remember is that we love our kids. Because we love them we have to stay well for them. Water has so many health benefits. It is an awesome liquid! If water is so important to adults.. think about how much MORE important it is for children! ....

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  • Stretch it out!

    Stretch it out!

    HELLO!! Today we are going to discuss a very important step in athletics! They NEED this!
    Parents.. what do you think of when you think "important part of kid sports"? Sportsmanship? Yes. Toughness? Yes. Dedication? Yes. How about stretching? YES! Stretching plays a very vital role in sports. It may seem like something that can be skipped over but IT CANNOT! Think about it..
    If you go for a 5 mile run every morning.. are you just going to get after it? Probably not. You would stretch out and warm up your muscles to avoid harm to your body. Children's sports are no different. They need to stretch out their muscles to be good to go! tells us that our ....

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  • Let's talk HYGIENE

    Hygiene is so important! We wash our hands to keep the germs away! We brush our teeth to keep life pleasant. Oh yes.. we're going there.. DEODORANT. Keep reading to make sure your child is fully covered in the hygiene spectrum. Brushing..
    Let's talk teeth! They need to be brushed. Sugary drinks are all the rage these days. You rarely see children drinking water. You also see them eating candy and junk food. We aren't bashing it.. we all like our chips every now and then too! :) However, we just want to make sure our teeth are getting clean afterwards. Aside from clean teeth.. brushing keeps breath fresh and germs at bay. MANY germs live in your mouth! So teach your kids ....

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