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  • Is Your Child Ready for School?

    Is Your Child Ready for School?

    The past year and a half of school has been such a tumultuous ride. From school closures to virtual classes to partial reopening, it seems as if our children have experienced every out-of-the-norm scenario we could come up with. And although the goal was to keep them safe, children’s development took a significant hit. We’ve seen more significant emotional distress, poorer health choices, regression in cognitive momentum, and decreased social skills. So, as the new school year approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure that they are prepared for school in ways that cover all developmental areas. The idea of “school readiness” has always been mostly ....

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  • Movement: Reducing the Effects of Sitting

    Movement: Reducing the Effects of Sitting

    There’s no denying that advancements in technology have made our lives easier. We can work from home, shop online, and watch newly released movies, among many other things, all without leaving the couch. And while this saves us travel time and hassle, it can lead to unexpected health consequences. The reason is that we are sitting for prolonged periods, which can deteriorate our bodies. Even worse is that our children are also sitting a great deal, so they are now faced with the same issues that adults have been. Therefore, children need to keep their bodies moving throughout the day. The human body is like a machine. If we sit too long or too much, our bodies become rusty and ....

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  • Parenting the Shy Child

    Parenting the Shy Child

    In a world that highly values the traits of extroverted individuals, shy children are often assumed to have something wrong that needs to be fixed. However, shyness is simply a personality trait that is part of their temperament. Children are born with unique personalities, although the environment can play a significant role in how these traits present as the child develops. What is apparent is that shyness falls on a continuum, where children have varying levels of this trait. The important thing is to remember that different character attributes should be embraced to appreciate the unique way a shy child interacts with the world around them. Children are wired with a variety of ....

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  • Regaining Health: Role Modeling

    Regaining Health: Role Modeling

    The "Quarantine 15" has been yet another horrible reality of the pandemic. Not only were we separated, friend loved ones and friends, but unstructured days, decreased motivation, and increased boredom led to unhealthy habits for families. The result, for many, has been weight gain and reduced fitness levels, which has set the stage for disease and long-term health problems. For children, these habits can carry into adulthood. Therefore, a healthier lifestyle should be implemented now, with parents serving as role models. However, to do this, parents must take a delicate approach to not contribute to their child having an unhealthy relationship with food. For over a year, children have ....

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  • Say Yes to Childhood

    Say Yes to Childhood

    Parenting can be tricky. We want our children to be resilient, empathetic, and able to self-regulate. However, with the business of life, the experiences that build these characteristics fall by the wayside, and “no” becomes an automatic response. Children are continually being told what to do and what not to do. As a result, the reaction of parents for many child requests is rarely yes. And, unfortunately, this is typical because they are exhausted, don’t want to be disturbed, or simply because it has become a habit. However, parents should be saying is yes…yes to childhood, and yes to a joyful family. As we would all agree, children need rules and limits. ....

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  • Sensory Processing: How Does Your Child Respond?

    Sensory Processing: How Does Your Child Respond?

    As we navigate the world, we all use our senses to receive input from our surroundings, let our brains process, and then tell us how to react. Generally, we respond with minimal disruption to our routine. However, processing sensory stimuli can be a challenge for some people, either because there is too much or not enough. This can be difficult for children since many experiences are still new, and they haven’t yet developed coping skills and emotional regulation to respond appropriately. Educating ourselves on the variations of how Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)can present in our children will help us assist them in learning how to manage the way they respond. Sensory ....

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  • How Motor Skills Affect Learning

    How Motor Skills Affect Learning

    Most are aware of the benefits of physical activity for people of all ages… a stronger cardiovascular system, improved muscle tone, weight management, motor coordination, etc. Additionally, there are brain-boosting benefits that help children with brain function and learning, leading to better school performance. Unfortunately, however, many adults aren’t knowledgeable about the significance of underdeveloped motor skills, especially balance and coordination, on the learning process. Therefore, children engaging in activities that boost these skills lead to more learning success. Although balance and coordination don’t seem like they would directly impact learning, they ....

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  • The Secret to Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

    The Secret to Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

    Over the last year, sports programs have had shortened seasons, if any at all. Because of that, training time for athletes of all ages has dropped significantly. Now, with sports returning to a more normal duration, young athletes are working hard to regain lost skills and recondition their bodies. The problem, however, is that lengthy breaks increase the risk of injury upon returning to training. In addition, when athletes specialize in a sport, they generally only train muscles for that sport. To be truly at the top of their game, young athletes should engage in training that develops all muscle groups through a system designed to meet their athletic and developmental needs. When ....

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  • Celebrating Each Child's Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child's Uniqueness

    Parents everywhere want their children to achieve success. This is usually defined by fulfilling societal norms, whether in terms of grades, athletic abilities, or something else. And the push to accomplish these things first is putting pressure on children and parents as well. Comparisons are fueling the expectation for children to develop at a specific rate and master skills at a certain time. Unfortunately, this is causing stress and decreasing children's self-esteem. Instead, we should celebrate each child's uniqueness and nurture their individuality by allowing them time to grow into the best version of themselves. What often gets forgotten is that every child is different. ....

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  • Rebuilding Social Skills During the Summer

    Rebuilding Social Skills During the Summer

    There’s no doubt that children’s social skills have become rusty over the past year and not progressed as they should have. With more limited interactions than usual, children have experienced adverse effects on their social development. And while many children have had the opportunity to engage in some school setting and/or activity, there were still restrictions on what type of interactions they could have. Now, as reopening efforts continue, it’s imperative we use the summer to help children regain lost social skills and build new ones. This will give them more social confidence when returning to school in the fall. With all the changes to our lives in the last 12 ....

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