Tiler Dunn Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Columbus After School Care

Tiler Dunn

Coach Tiler was born and raised in the GA/AL area and currently lives in Smiths Station. He started martial arts in high school and loves the artistry of it. When you’re really practicing Martial Arts in it’s truest form your moves flow like water. His favorite part of it is the peaceful unity of mind and body.


He has been coaching for about a year with Ultimate Youth Sports. His favorite part of coaching is seeing the “ah-ha” moment and huge light ups in students as they accomplish the goals they had been working towards or finally conquer the moves they were struggling with.


If you see a boat in the bed of a truck in the parking lot, Coach Tiler is in a good mood. Every second that he is not on the mats, he can almost always be found fishing.

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