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  • Social Development Goals in the New Year 2022

    Social Development Goals in the New Year 2022

    Do you remember the carefree days of your youth? Running outside to meet up with your friends at the park and keeping an eye on the sun and street lights to know when it was time to head home for dinner and family time. Those were the days! Present day socialization practices for our children are on a whole other level! Not only do they engage in very different in-person interactions amid the ongoing pandemic, some also engage in social media connections with peers that are far from the days of our youth, free of accessible technology anytime right at our fingertips. As we all continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, it goes without saying that our children’s ....

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  • Emotional Goals Begin with Proud Ninja Parents

    Emotional Goals Begin with Proud Ninja Parents

    “Mommy, it’s okay to have big feelings.” These were the words my six-year-old ever so calmly and wisely whispered to me as he gently climbed up upon his stool to wipe away the tears from my cheeks. You see, just a day prior, our family lost a dear loved one. The pain being so fresh, raw and real could not be held in as the world continued to spin and move ever forward; All while I tried to keep up with the every day tasks before me, starting with preparing our usual morning breakfast. Life, especially in the elements that test us most, has a funny way of shining a bright light on irony at the most unexpected times. Just recently, I posted a great quote on my timeline ....

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  • Relationships With Purpose

    Relationships With Purpose

    Have you ever heard of “The Invisible String?” Beautifully written by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, “The Invisible String” is a phenomenal children’s book! Interwoven from page to page is the theme of the strong, unbreakable bonds we share with our children, whether near or far away. While Patrice and Joanne crafted a story that certainly offers a lifeline of support and comfort for children and families when facing things like loss, anxiety when separated from loved ones and even loneliness, they also powerfully capture the essence and strength of the purposeful relationships we share with family, friends and other cherished souls ....

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  • The Best P.I.E.S. for the Holiday Season

    The Best P.I.E.S. for the Holiday Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are for celebrations, togetherness, and relaxation. It’s a magical time and all the fun activities, shopping, and baking keeps everyone busy. And with all the excitement comes a great deal of preparation and scheduling. It’s easy for parents to get caught up in it all and forget that the holiday season is overflowing with authentic opportunities to help children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The season is filled with chances for parents to help their children with physical development. Fine motor skills are easily cultivated by allowing children to help with wrapping gifts and ....

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  • Parenting With Purpose

    Parenting With Purpose

    “Dear Proud Ninja Parent, On my hard days, remember I am small. When tears run down my cheeks and I don’t even know why, remember I need you to grab a tissue and dry my teary eyes. When something happens that I didn’t expect and I yell, scream and fuss, remember even in my anger, confusion and frustration that I love you very much. Because you see, I am little in a Great Big World! And you are my #1 Guide. Together there is nothing we cannot face because I know you’ll always be by my side.” Let this truth really sink in… You, in all of your amazing awesomeness, were chosen to be your child’s guide, their leader and ....

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  • Teaching With Purpose

    Teaching With Purpose

    Take five for just a moment and pause for reflection. Let your mind float back to the carefree days of your youth. Let the rustling of autumn leaves crunch beneath your feet as you smell the crisp, cool air. Let the glow of candles from Jack—O-Lanterns on doorsteps dance in your mind as you play in the greatest costume of all time! Are you there? Can you picture it? Now take a step further into the memories of your childhood and see if you can for just a moment pick out the teacher, coach, role model who had a profound impact on the course of your life. Maybe it was the teacher that saw your gifts and talents that no one else could see. Or the coach that saw your potential and ....

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  • Playing With Purpose

    Playing With Purpose

    Have you ever taken a moment to truly admire the art and incredible beauty of watching a child at play? Their fully engaged spirit, drive, imagination and passion are all completely vested in the mission of the moment. Whether tinkering with their next greatest creations or saving the day as their favorite superhero, children demonstrate freely and without any reservations the power of playing with purpose! Maria Montessori once said, “Play is the work of a child.” How very true! As parents, teachers and coaches, we each have an incredible opportunity to step with intention each and every day into the world of a child, meeting them exactly where they are at in their own ....

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  • How To Manage Your Child's Temperament

    How To Manage Your Child's Temperament

    Every child is born with their own unique way of interacting with the world. Some are flexible in the midst of change while others may experience stress when presented with new situations or a change in schedule. This is what is referred to as temperament. And while some temperaments are easier to handle then others, it is important for parents to understand temperament traits, such as adaptability. By doing this, we can help children become the best version of themselves in the most effective way possible. Temperament is the way a child reacts to their environment and how they regulate emotions. Psychiatrists Dr. Stella Chess and Dr. Alexander Thomas identified nine dimensions of ....

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  • The COAL Method: 4 Quick and Easy Steps to Dealing with Children's Negative Behaviors

    The COAL Method: 4 Quick and Easy Steps to Dealing with Children's Negative Behaviors

    When it comes to parenting, emotions can run high. When children act out negatively, parents often become frustrated quickly and react by trying to fix the behavior immediately by yelling, punishing, etc. However, this approach is never a win for the child or the parent. As a Pediatric Ninja Specialist, Melody Shuman, the founder of the SKILLZ Program, continually studies and researches new and innovative ways to help children grow into the best version of themselves. This often leads to the development of information to help parents as well. Melody’s most recent study has been on the book, “The Mindful Brain” by Daniel Siegel. While this book is written from a ....

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  • Not All Ninjas Are The Same

    Not All Ninjas Are The Same

    All parents want the same thing…for their child to be a positive member of society and experience success. And while these are important things, they often come through a push to achieve and be the best in everything. Unfortunately, this is frequently done through comparing their children to others. This, however, often leads to stress and lower self-esteem in children. What is important to remember is that each child has different strengths and rates at which they develop. The SKILLZ program was developed so that children would be placed in a class that met their stage of development. Instead of having a 5-year-old in the same class as a 10-year-old and expecting the same ....

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