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Christina Johnson in Columbus - Ultimate Youth Sports

Christina Johnson

Coach Christina has been in Columbus her entire life. She started cheerleading when she was three years old! Her passion for cheerleading has made her the person that I am today and has made me a better person. Cheerleading has shaped her into a better person through hard work, training, dedication, and learning to respect everyone. Her favorite part of cheerleading are the competitions not only for the competitive aspects, but because she had the opportunity to meet people from across the country and even from around the world! Each year in cheerleading, she received an award for best tumbling, best smile and facials, best stunts, or best attitude.

She says she was pushed to her limits at every practice during her time as a cheerleader. Being pushed and encouraged to that degree instilled positivity, strength, and a drive for success that has stuck with her into her adulthood. Coming from being a very timid person when she was younger, cheerleading taught her confidence to open up and interact in all social environments.


She has been a coach for a year. Her favorite thing about being a coach is having fun with the kids. She takes the most pride in assisting to shape the kids into respectful and successful people when they grow up. 


When Coach Christina is not coaching or cheerleading she is either at school or at home working. She says, “I'm a very hard-working fun person and I enforce the rules. I believe that kids can have fun while being in a safe environment.”

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