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Ashley Shim in Columbus - Columbus Martial Arts Academy

Ashley Shim

Coach Ashley is originally from Santa Clarita, California. Her freshman year of high school, at the age of 14, she had her first dance class and it was love from first plié. Her first dance class was a Halloween Hip Hop class where they learned Michael Jackson’s “Thriller!” She had the same dance instructor, Lillian, all throughout high school who made a huge impact on her life. She says, “Who doesn't love to dance? Dance is a crazy fun way to stay active and have fun for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and anyhow.” In dance, unless you begin at a very young age, there isn’t really a competition level to win awards. She has been dancing for years, and starting last year, Ultimate Youth Sports is where she has begun to explore teaching her passion.


Her favorite thing about being a coach is that it makes her feel like a kid again! UYS kids bring out the best of her and the kids motivate her to work hard every day.  Her biggest goal is to be the best role model and mentor our kids will ever have.


When Coach Ashley isn’t busting a move on the mats, she is rolling around on the mat learning from Coach Colton and Coach Simon and perfecting her jiujitsu! As she moves deeper into her Martial Arts practice, she is discovering an even more wild passion for Martial Arts, taking her into a competitive level that opens brand new and exciting doors for her!

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