Karate training gives students a new outlook on life by learning, applying, and adopting virtues like respect, honor, and discipline. Parents applaud the many opportunities to show and instill their values, which become lifelong habits with regular practice.

One of the most important benefits of martial arts training is the character building that comes with setting and reaching goals. The value of hard work is crystal clear as strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness improve. Sincere effort leads to knowledge of the art and self-defense abilities. Achievement builds confidence!

Some of these benefits can be gained in other sports, but the martial arts are well suited for character building because of the unique coaching that students receive. Karate teachers often discuss the skills and virtues we all need to succeed.

By discussing and applying virtues like respect and self-control in the karate classroom, students learn new ways to interpret everything around and within them, everything that happens or doesn’t, everything that can be. This teaching affects both attitudes and actions. It gradually turns students into motivated, confident, and capable leaders!

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Self-discipline means working hard every day to achieve your future goals. Your excellence at school or at work could result in a good college education or that promotion that you’re looking for. By the same token, if you practice strong in class now and you may be a great Black Belt one day. Remember to remain motivated and focused on your goals. Today’s hard work will become tomorrow’s great rewards. When you have self-discipline and use it; you feel freer. When you use your self-discipline correctly, it will help you with hard work. You will never again have to finish a big project in one night. You’ll have the discipline to start that project sooner. Self-discipline will help you divide that project into smaller parts and do one part each day. The work will still be challenging, but it will no longer be a stressful, traumatic experience. Instead, the project will be a demonstration of your supreme talents and abilities. Self-discipline will never limit what you can do. In fact, it will allow you to fly free.

You were born with natural talents. Everyone is. For example, your body may be very flexible. Your friends may be naturally smart or naturally good at sports. Your natural talents are raw. You need to use good self-discipline to refine those talents. You want to make them even more valuable. Combine your talents with your self-discipline. You will move toward success and greatness. Practice after the other students have left the school. Stay after school to receive extra help from your teacher. You’ll be ready for the big test. All of these are examples of good self-discipline. Your talents are not enough. Remember: hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. You are willing to do the hard work. You use your talents to complete that work. Your talents and hard work will make you a great Black Belt.

Strong self-discipline is one of the markers for a Black Belt, but you don’t have to wait until you are a Black Belt to develop this life-skill. If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you increase your or your child’s self-discipline or anything else regarding either our adult or children’s’ programs, please feel free to contact the Columbus Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Team.


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