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We are located in Columbus, GA where we have been serving the community since 2010. Our team is standing by to show you our facility and what we have to offer you and your family.

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Ultimate Youth Sports Family Martial Arts


Every day kids and adults in the Cloumbus, GA area come to learn Martial Arts at Ultimate Youth Sports. We offer classes for all ages and ability levels. Training together as a family is a great way to share laughs, lessons, achievements, and values.

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Ultimate Youth Sports Kids Sports

Kids Sports

Your child is going to have so much fun playing sports such as: Soccer, Basketball, Flag-football, Kickball, and Dodgeball! Your child’s cardio, strength, and speed will improve each week!

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Ultimate Youth Sports Summer Program

After School

Our After School Program includes FREE Transportation from school, Martial Arts Classes, Dance and Cheer classes, and Fun Sports Activities! Your child will have a blast spending time with friends and participating in fun and safe after school activities.

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Teaching Respect and Consideration

I want to tell you how much Ultimate Youth Sports has meant to our family. Having a young man with Down Syndrome has been a challenge for us. His weight, coordination, and self confidence was all in need of help. I had checked out several options for him to help with these problems and was very happy with what I saw at Ultimate Youth Sports. I was so impressed I not only signed up my step-son, but my grandson as well. Justin and Brad have blossomed while there. Justin has improved his balance and self confidence and wants to be a black belt more than anything. Thanks so much for teaching the respect and consideration that the instructors have and that they pass on to all the students.

Jackie W.
Happy Mother

Martial arts are not just for kids

After working my desk job for eighteen years, I managed to put on some extra pounds. A friend of mine suggested that I start taking martial arts instead of hitting the gym 6 days a week. I gave it a shot and a year and a half later I feel healthier and I am just five pounds away from my goal of losing 40 pounds! Big thanks to all the encouragement along the way from everyone in my classes! Martial arts are not just for kids and teens, adults can get started too!

Mark G.
Lost 40 pounds

I Really Enjoy the Classes

I did wrestling in High School and since then haven’t done much so I wanted to get back into the sport. I have since found that I really enjoy the MMA classes that Ultimate Youth Sports offers and definitely suggest to anyone interested to get started. Big thanks to the guys of Ultimate Youth Sports

Eric B.
Returning Student

Karate Classes Gave My Son Confidence

My 4 year old son has always been a little shy and slow to get comfortable around kids his age. Knowing school was approaching I wanted him to gain more self confidence so I enrolled him in karate classes. He was shy and unresponsive to the staff in the first few lessons. The instructors at Ultimate Youth Sports adapted their lessons to be more interactive and within a few more lessons he was comfortable around his classmates and opened up his shell! The staff is great and gives a welcoming feel that every great business should! Now I don’t feel nervous hearing about my sons day at school, instead he is focused in school and always tells me about his friends at school!

Mike R.
Proud Father

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The Sad Reality Is Your Child Is Wasting Their Time and Talent

Let me ask you how your child is spending their time afterschool… Let’s look at the numbers… your average child spends about 200 days in school per year. Every week day of that school year your child has 3 – 4 hours somewhere afterschool before they come home. This doesn’t even include the 8 hrs a day your child has free during summer vacation. In the school year alone your child has 600 hours free! That is 4200 hours between 1st grade and 7th grade. 4200 hours that your child can either get ahead or fall behind… is, this time, that important?

Let’s look at what would be done in that time… Become certified in 1st aid and CPR 6 hours. Going through basic training in the U.S. Army 1200 hours, receiving a bachelors degree from Harvard University 1500 hours, painting the Sistine chapel 2020 hours… The point is your child can accomplish amazing things with his or her time as long as it is utilized correctly.

Unfortunately, the cold hard reality is that most children are just wasting time… And consequently their potential… Most of them go home and spend these valuable hours watching TV, playing video games, or spending time on Facebook, and even worse cases they get involved with the wrong people which can lead to drugs, gangs, etc.

That’s where Ultimate Youth Sports comes in to ensure that your child is being mentored in a safe, fun, and structured environment.

Get Your Child Ahead In Life!

You only get one chance at giving your child the life that they deserve… and we don’t mean spoiling them with toys. With our busy 21st century schedules, it’s hard to find the time and resources to really help children develop proper success traits, perseverance, positive attitude, goal setting. These are universal success traits that apply to all leaders in all industries… sports, entrepreneurship, academics. When your kids get out of school and safely transported to our academy you will know they are being trained in real life skills in our afterschool program we don’t believe in just teaching children to punch or kick, we also don’t just board the children until their parents come pick them up.

Unlike daycare providers we don’t believe in just letting the afterschool environment be run like the elementary school or the nursery school… we want to work hand and hand with your education program not just be a continuation of it. We work to help build your child’s character, teach real self-defense skills, and provide guidance…. During classes you will see your child’s energy, confidence, and spirit rise, while he or she becomes strong and confident. Were not just talking about physical strength, but the kind of strength that takes to resist peer pressure and other negative aspects of life.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that all afterschool programs are the same.

Let me explain, most kids are pushed towards pursuing a goal or activity. That is not bad, in fact, you should be proud of pushing your children into positive activities. This is what is known as push motivation, but something happens as the children gets older… They naturally start to rebel. Parents become uncool. As this happens the activities that the parents pushed also become uncool at this age children become more motivated by pull motivation. They find someone or something incredibly alluring and become drawn to it… unfortunately, this attention magnet can be a social group or a celebrity that promotes values that are unhealthy or even dangerous ie drugs etc.

As a parent you have to decide where this remodel comes from. Its no surprise that kids who like sports idolize athletes, likewise kids who like music idolize musicians, it could be the older kids from the neighborhood. If your child’s time is spent watching television or just scouring YouTube, who do you think your child will copy? It’s going to be random, it is absolutely vital that your child be exposed to successful cool mentors who are not their parents.

And that’s where we come in. Our coaches are your personal secret weapon working with you in order to push and pull your children to maximize their potential.

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