Research shows that there is ONLY ONE way to build confidence! People become more confident by experiencing success. That’s the only way! Now, it is also important to understand that we don’t want to build a false sense of confidence, so it’s vital that we give children increasingly more difficult obstacles, and then coach them appropriately how to overcome them.

Our ‘regular’ martial arts program is SPECIFICALLY designed to do EXACTLY that! We structure a system of increasing challenges, and then teach each student how to overcome them, in turn! This is ABSOLUTELY the most effective way to increase a child’s confidence level! A great introductory lesson is learning how to have excellent posture.

Poor posture is all too common today. Students and parents alike are often asked to sit for long periods of time in positions that our bodies simply were not made for. Not only can this make your body and muscles sore, but it can also impact the way you think. Your mind will believe what your body tells it! If I’m standing slumped over looking sad and depressed, what will my brain think? I’m TELLING my brain that ‘I don’t feel very good.’ But if I stand proudly with my chest out, head tilted back, and smiling, now I’m telling my brain that ‘I feel GREAT.’

Now I can use these same principles when I’m sitting or walking down the hallway at school. By maintaining good posture, I’m sending the message to my body that ‘I feel GREAT.’ When I tell my body that ‘I feel great’ other people will notice this and they will see an individual with outstanding self-confidence. Now, without saying I word, I have told everyone that I meet in a day that I am a high-achiever, an outstanding team-mate, and future leader. In short, I show them that I am a future black belt.

Building confidence is the first step in becoming the best martial artist you can be and it’s also key to becoming the best person you can be. Studying martial arts constantly pushes an individual to constantly overcome new obstacles so that, in turn, they are constantly building more and more self-confidence.

If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you increase your self-confidence or anything else regarding either our adult or children’s’ programs, please feel free to contact the Columbus Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Team.



Karate-For-PreSchool The goal of a good martial arts program is to transform students into motivated, confident, capable, and self-reliant leaders in life. This goal is largely achieved by conquering physical and mental challenges. Starting with this goal in mind, the pathway to success becomes apparent in short order. Short-term and long-term goals are set. Knowledge and wisdom acquired. Obstacles overcome or bypassed. Motor skills practiced and refined. With time-tested and age-appropriate curriculums, karate students learn just how powerful their wining attitudes really are. The amazing results of this training quickly become clear, especially in terms of performance and behavior at school. What’s more, most karate students are less susceptible to the adverse effects of bullying in school, a major problem in our society today with no end in sight. They learn how to “carry” themselves with confidence so they are less likely to be teased and picked on. They learn to avoid, deflect, and escape threatening situations. They learn to speak up when they need help, and are more likely to help others who are being victimized. And of course, with the blocking and striking skills they practice at the martial arts school, they learn how to defend themselves effectively when needed. Though many teachers, administrators, and staff members are trained to address bullying behavior, they can’t be everywhere at once – and some aren’t trained at all. Without modern, professional training, school authorities can actually do more harm than good by responding inappropriately. This makes it especially important for students to know how to respond if and when peers try to abuse them verbally, mentally, or physically. With martial arts training, school days are more likely to be safe, productive, and enjoyable experiences for all.


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